My name's Rowan. I'm a 24-year-old nonbinary woman living in Wisconsin. I like games, I guess. Sometimes when it's late at night and I don't have anything to distract myself with, I walk up to the sliding glass door in the basement and look out at our neighbor's street light from the backyard. If I stand there for long enough, it feels like I can feel the rotational momentum of the planet Earth as it hurtles through space, and I feel afraid.

So to make that feeling go away, I write reviews of things.

In a sense this site is a liminal space. You can come here, feel a bit of abstracted nostalgia or homeliness, and then return to your normal life. The site doesn't care. I care, of course, but you wouldn't know either way. Sometimes I'll post a new review for you. Sometimes I won't.

You, sir, are a space too.

Here's the 15-point rating scale I use to review things:

15 - Masterpiece!
14 - Platinum King
13 - Gold Queen
12 - Silver Knight
11 - Copper Bishop
10 - Marble Rook
9 - White Pawn
8 - Clean Board
7 - Black Pawn
6 - Slate Rook
5 - Coal Bishop
4 - Lead Knight
3 - Rotting Queen
2 - Shattered King
1 - Disaster!